Whitepaper: Financing Case Study for Nursing Schools

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Sales

This whitepaper and video are a quick case study on how using Blue Street Capital's vendor financing program allowed our client to close more revenue.


Introduction to Case

  • Medical education innovation is crucial for the client’s success.
  • New RN program launched with vendor’s medical simulation technology.
  • Aimed to establish a lab in two months to meet a critical deadline.
  • Focus on providing payment solutions to accommodate the vendor’s client.


  • Streamlined process for prompt equipment acquisition.
  • Eliminates unnecessary delays in medical education equipment procurement.


  • Simplified financing with clear terms and transparent communication.
  • User-friendly documentation via DocuSign (subsequent projects only one click away by adding them to the master agreement with a one page term sheet)

Fully Accommodating

  • Flexible approach covering a range of equipment types and services.
  • Financing solutions for simulation labs, medical devices, and other technologies.

Setting Blue Street Apart: The “We Listen, We Structure, We Deliver” Philosophy


WE LISTEN: Unveiling Client Needs and Delivering Excellence

  • Client’s needs drive remarkable results: solution, speed, flexibility.
  • Extended warranty and maintenance preferred, increasing deal value.
  • Expedited processing coordinated across teams for swift approval and funding.
  • Proactive vendor engagement aligned with client’s deadline.
  • Preparation for future projects worth around $1.3 million.

WE STRUCTURE: Customized Excellence

  • Rejects standardized financing, embraces customization.
  • Deep understanding leads to tailor-made solutions.
  • Solutions integrated with the institution’s framework.

WE DELIVER: Backing Promises with Action

  • Dedication to executing agreements as discussed.
  • Trust built on reliability, unwavering dedication to commitments.

Evolving Beyond Service: Nurturing Enduring Partnerships

  • Transformation from service provider to long-term partner.
  • Engagement beyond transaction, partnership for growth.
  • Financing solutions for various needs beyond simulation equipment.
  • Case study with implications for Laerdal’s network.

Sustaining Your Success: Blue Street’s Ongoing Support

  • Master Lease Agreement (MLA) for ongoing collaboration with clients.
  • Simplified approval through one-page schedules (DocuSign)
  • Proactive capital allocation for future projects (pre-approved)
  • Continued growth planning, alignment of strategies.

Key Points: Celebrating the “Win”

  • Swift approval meeting critical deadline.
  • Transaction growth by 25% via financing services, tailored solutions.
  • Uncovering $1.3M in future transactions, nurturing partnerships.

In Conclusion

  • Blue Street’s strategic partner capacity showcased.
  • Swift approval, enhanced deals, future opportunities.
  • Testament to commitment to excellence and growth.



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