Humans Fourishing is Our Goal

Blue Street Capital is a place where the right thing to do is also the most profitable thing to do, for employees and for clients.

The foundation on which we’re building this business with our leadership team and team members is actualization. Becoming our best.

Our jobs are an opportunity for us to show up and be the most heroic and human versions of ourselves. Our employees are not a cog, and they are of the utmost importance to our business. Our goal is to help our employees be emotionally healthy, flourishing human beings. In fact, it’s our #1 priority.

Blue Street’s goal is to literally continue to build our culture around YOU being your best.

A well-rested, well-nourished, and purpose-driven company is going to outperform an anxious, enervated, unhappy, unfulfilled team where people ‘feel like we’re using them’.

It makes sense for us to prioritize investing in personal development, and then by extension, we encourage our team to model it in their own idiosyncratic way. This is our superpower.

Actualization is at the very foundation of our business architecture and the very essence of the DNA we’re creating.