Blue Street adds massive value to our vendor relationships to increase their sales by providing profitable, helpful, and relevant tools. These tools are unique in the industry because they are backed by our values and mission.

One easy, and proven, way to increase your sales is to offer financing as a solution to your customers’ equipment needs. Blue Street offers lightning-fast approvals, competitive and unique payment structures, and flexible financing solutions – It’s just one of the many ways we serve our vendor partners.

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We Increase Your Sales

We Increase Your Sales – Blue Street offers sales tools to our vendors that increase the scope of their prospecting.  We work with your sales staff on identifying optimal prospects, so that they don’t waste time on non-buyers, and can close more deals.  Blue Street work with your sales staff to use the best tools and methods necessary to drive business, and we offer real-time support to answer questions as they arise.

We Get Your Money Faster

We Get You Your Money Faster – Nobody likes to wait, especially when it comes to earning commission. When you offer financing through Blue Street you can reduce the transaction time by offering your customer net terms with a built-in finance option. Our flexible payment programs also allow us to fund up to 50% of the project amount at time or order.

We Make It Simple

We Make It Simple – Everyone loves convenience. Making your organization a one-stop shop for your clients’ needs sets you apart from the competition; using Blue Street’s virtual finance services helps your customers feel comfortable when you offer financing as a solution to their equipment needs. This confidence will win more business effortlessly. 

We Train Your Sales Staff

We Train Your Sales Staff – Sales training is a powerful way to drive the sales of your business. At Blue Street, we are financial specialists with over 75 years of combined experience. Our insight and knowledge into sales and financing will inspire your salespeople and give them more valuable tools to use when selling your products and services.  We are passionate about sharing this information to our esteemed partners so they grow quicker with new and innovative ideas.  

We Increase Your Profits

We Increase Your Profits – Our lease profit sharing program utilizes our network of banking and investor relationships to build your organization its own group of direct lenders.  Some of these lenders have great rates and love great credit, some have higher risk rates and like higher risk credit. These banks together, with Blue Street Capital’s credit expertise, gives our vendors a 90% approval rating.  The result? The best rates possible for your customers. Every deal. Every time.